Campus Promotions (CP) works with local and national businesses to develop and execute marketing initiatives that target the Cornell University and Ithaca College student markets. We work with clients to understand their business needs and develop marketing programs that provide comprehensive solutions to those needs. We also offer premium distribution services on the Cornell campus, throughout Collegetown, and in Downtown Ithaca.

The Campus Promotions portfolio includes two print publications, The Ithaca Gorge and The Ithaca Map.


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Distribution Services  

Postering and Quarter-Carding 

Campus Promotions offers a comprehensive distribution services on the Cornell campus. The postering service reaches 28 high-traffic, high-visibility buildings on campus, maximizing exposure for your organization's event, exhibit, or promotion. We offer postering in individual academic quads, Collegetown, and Downtown Ithaca. You can see a full list of the buildings that we poster here

We also offer a quarter-carding service, which reaches high-traffic areas such as Ho Plaza, Willard Straight, and Trillium.

Collegetown Billboards 

Campus Promotions rents out two billboards and one display case directly on College Avenue, on the route that all students and Collegetown residents must take to get to Cornell's campus. About 12,000 students pass them twice a day, every day! These boards are prime real estate for any business looking to better access the student community. 

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Print Publications 


Ithaca Map

The Ithaca Map is an intuitive and engaging tool distributed across the city. The Map functions as an aid to assist newcomers in navigating the city’s various districts and offers coupons and discounts for various businesses in the district. It is distributed to each freshman moving in, around campus throughout the year, and in hotels and visitor locations throughout Ithaca. Pick up a copy at the Student Agencies front desk at 409 College Ave., the Cornell Store, Day Hall, or the Downtown Ithaca Alliance!

Ithaca Gorge

The Ithaca Gorge is Ithaca’s only comprehensive dining and menu guide. Printed annually in August, the Gorge is the ideal guide to Ithaca’s vibrant restaurant scene and is distributed in conjunction with the Ithaca Map. Whether you are looking for a good steak dinner or a late-night pizza delivery, the Ithaca Gorge is for you!

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