Student Agencies is Now Hiring !

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Student Agencies, Inc. has been providing undergraduates with hands-on experience in business management and entrepreneurship since 1894. Each year, we hire a new team of students to manage our businesses and serve on our executive team. Previous SAI managers and executives have gone on to work for Goldman and Sachs, Google, GE, Accenture, and more. We are the second largest employer of Cornell undergraduates and hire students from all years and majors. Below you will find our available position(s). For more information on a position, simply click on the title for the job description. If you have any questions, please contact the Director of Human Resources at

BRSS/HHMC Director of Field Logistics

bRSS Director of human resources and customer service

bRSS Director of Field Operations

bRSS Director of warehouse operations

BRSS Director of Marketing

general manager - cornellian yearbook

editor in chief - cornellian yearbook

executive director of human resources


Applications are due on February 26th at 11:59 pm