Each year in autumn, Student Agencies, Inc. searches for its next management team. Each new manager will either be given control of one of our six businesses or given the authority to maintain the direction of one of our departments. Managers can earn up to $18,000 per year. Learn more about our culture, and see if you are up to the challenge. 

We are always learning from our mistakes

Managers learn practical skills and gain experience far beyond what is available in any classroom. Financial accounting is a breeze after managers learn how to read variance reports, create budgets using historical financial results, and present their financial performance to a board of directors. Reading about the 4 P’s seems simple when you have hands-on experience planning, implementing, and evaluating campus-wide marketing initiatives. Writing a business plan is no challenge when you have already developed and launched a new product or service. These are differentiating experiences that managers carry into future interviews and career

We are not satisfied with the minimum


The high energy atmosphere of SAI is the result of our inherent drive to do more. We don't wait for opportunity to arise, we create it. Perhaps this vibrant energy is the result of our youth, but more likely this drive is the result of one of the major traits each manager must espouse: strategic vision. Each manager is given a business as a clean slate, it is up to them to show off their strategic capabilities to drive growth. We shun stagnation and use our creativity to constantly move forward.

We are part of a legacy

We are America's oldest independent student-run corporation. SAI was founded in 1894 by Seth Higby when he began a laundry service to help finance his education. Today we have grown to employ more than 200 Cornell undergraduates. Our growth since the 19th century has not only manifested itself in the creation of multiple businesses serving the Greater Tompkins County community, but our successful model has been copied by individuals at most of the other Ivy League institutions.  Welcome to Cornell's original start-up. 

We are more than just one business

Student Agencies, Inc. is made up of six business in various different industries:

Big Red Shipping & Storage - Shipping and Storage
Campus Promotions - Marketing and Consulting
The Cornellian Yearbook - Yearbook Production
Hired Hands Moving Company - Moving and Logistics
Student Agencies Tutoring - Tutoring
Student Agencies Real Estate - Apartment Rentals and Property Management

Each business is typically headed by two General Managers who are responsible for the business' finances and operations.  Our managers view themselves as managers of Student Agencies, rather than focusing their attention solely on their own business. This produces our culture of teamwork and a rich and diverse learning experience.  You can learn more about each of our businesses in the "Our Companies" section of this website.

We Are A Family

SAi isn't just a place where we work.  Student Agencies is a place where lasting friendships are formed. From enjoying days boating on Cayuga lake, to exploring the terrain of upstate New York, to going out together on the weekends, our managers have truly become a social force. As the overused, millennial cliché goes, "work hard, play hard."

We are a successful network

We have an expansive network of successful alumni, who remain interested in the welfare and future of SAI. Though our alumni are leaders in a variety of different fields, one thing they all agree upon is that SAI was the most valuable part of their experience as Cornellians. After their time at SAI, our managers use this network as a launchpad for their careers. 

See what you can become with SAI