We are the nation’s oldest independent student-run corporation. Serving the Cornell University and Greater Ithaca community, Student Agencies, Inc. provides diverse services ranging from summer storage to campus marketing to business plan development.

With over 200 undergraduate employees, we are the second largest employer of students in the Ithaca area after Cornell.

Business Divisions

SAI is organized into seven different business divisions, or “agencies,” each of which is managed by a Cornell undergraduate and provides products or services to the local community.

SAi is now hiring! Available positions:

  • Big Red Shipping and Storage - Warehouse Manager

  • Big Red Shipping and Storage - Human Resources Manager

  • Big Red Shipping and Storage - Office Manager
  • Big Red Shipping and Storage - Operations Manager 
All of the Job Descriptions can be found here. Please contact the General Managers, Brandon Huang and Deon Thomas, for more information at BigRedBoxes@gmail.com


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