The Classic SAi Origin of 409 College Ave.

Brian Crandall, a Cornell University alum of the Class of 2010, maintains an extremely interesting blog about Cornell and the Ithaca area named "Ithacating in Cornell Heights." In his post on August 12th, he reveals how our offices and retail units at 406 College Ave. emerged.  Read his article "The Student Who Designed A Collegetown Apartment Building" to find out which architect had the skill to design such a well-known Collegetown building -- and what happened to her. 

Thank you Mr. Crandall for reminding us of our history. Read his piece here:


Citing SAi, Forbes Recognizes Cornell for it Entrepreneurial Prowess

In a Forbes piece released on July 31st, Natalie Robehmed recognizes Cornell University's recent push to the forefront of American entrepreneurship. This new focus on entrepreneurship is rooted in the legacy left by our company's founder, Seth Higby, who began Student Agencies 120 years ago. We take pride in calling ourselves Cornell's original student start-up.

Read Robehmed's masterful work here: