Cornellian Yearbook Frequently Asked Questions

When will yearbooks be available for pick up or delivery?

Yearbooks will be available for pick up and delivery by the beginning of May! Emails and FaceBook notifications will be sent as the yearbook nears completion!

Will there be additional senior portrait sessions?

We cannot guarantee any additional senior portrait sessions, which is why we recommend taking your senior portaits at the specified weeks. Information will be sent out periodically to give all seniors ample time to plan for scheduling a senior photograph.

How do I schedule a senior portrait?

Visit and use school code: 87176 to find Cornell. Then pick a date and time that works for you!

More questions about senior portraits?

Additional questions concerning senior portraits can be directed to Mike Durinzi. He is our representative for Prestige Portraits by Lifetouch. Mr. Durinzi can be reached at!

How Do I order/submit a parent ad form? 

1. Print off the parent ad form, which you can find here. 
2. Send the completed form with the check or payment information to:
The Cornellian Student Agencies
409 College Avenue
Ithaca, NY 14850
3. Pictures can be included with the form or emailed to

What is the deadline for submitting parent ads?

Parent ad forms must be postmarked by December 23rd.

Do I need to format my ad?

No. We have a wonderful, creative team this year that will perform all the formatting necessary to make your dedication look wonderful. Just send us the form and pictures and let our staff do the rest!

More Questions?

Please email our student managers at

Have a wonderful year!

Best Regards,

The Cornellian Team